T8 LED fluorescent replacement lamps

This of LED (light-emitting diode) lighting source, which use SMD 2835 standard surface mount LEDs. Corrugated surface of the light bulb design provides additional strength and better disperse the light. This provides additional comfort light effect. These LED lamps have a widespread standard G13 socket. This allows them to be without additional preparatory work to be installed in luminaires for fluorescent lamps. 
Unlike standard fluorescent lamps, LED lamps unnecessary extras (ballast and starter). Indoor lighting made ​​of warm and cold light shade of LED lamps, four standard lengths. LED lamp structure consists of ultra bright LEDs with mikrostruktūrizuotais lenses, which provided light uniformity, glare and prevent flashing effect. The flashing effect can watch the video here ... 
LED lights to this day is the most perfect light source and as a result they changed the traditional luminescent light sources. 
LED of LED lamp surpasses the T8 fluorescent lamps in many parameters: the coefficient of performance, cost, environmental friendliness, quality of light, life and others. LED lamps have no harmful compounds. Meanwhile, the fluorescent lamp filled with toxic mercury vapors. LED lamps can be replaced with any size standard T8 fluorescent lamps. 
We produce LED lamps are 2-3 times more economic for T8 fluorescent lamps.

T8 LED tube 600mm1200mm, 1500mm (80-100)lm/W

600mm - 4,5Eur+PVM; 
1200mm- 6,5 Eur+PVM;
1500mm- 7Eur+PVM;

LED Tube Diameter: T8=26mm;
LED Tube Length: 600 mm; 1200mm; 1500mm;
Lens (PC cover) type: Striped; Matte;
Material: Aluminum +PC
Power Consumption: 9 W; 18 W; 25W;
Input Voltage: 170-240V;
Frequency: 50/60HZ;
Lamp Base: G13;
Light source: 2835 SMD ;
Beam Angle: 120 degree;
Flux: (80-100)Lm/W;
CRI: (70-75)RA;
Color Temperature: (4000K-4500K),(5000K-5500K),(6000K-6500K);
Life time:>50 000 h

Warranty time: 2 years

T8 LED tube  600 mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, (120-130)lm/W 


600mm - 10Eur+PVM; 
1200mm- 14Eur+PVM;
1500mm- 16Eur+PVM;

This LED Tube light is a T8 LED tube light, the length is 600 mm, it has a striped cover, its power is 9 W, which is equal to 18W traditional fluorescent tube light.
Specification for T8 LET Tube Light 600 mm With striped Cover:
LED Tube Diameter: T8=26mm
LED Tube Length: 600 mm;1200mm; 1500mm;
Lens (PC cover) type: Striped
LED Qty: 84pcs;192 pcs; 240pcs;
Material: Aluminum +PC
Power Consumption: 10 W; 18W; 25W;
Input Voltage: 85-265V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Lamp Base: G13
Light source: 2835 SMD 
Beam Angle: 120 degree
Flux: (120-130)Lm/W;
Power Factor: >0.95
Ra >80 CRI
Color Temperature: (4000K-4500K),(5000K-5500K),(6000K-6500K);
Life time:>50 000 h

Warranty time: 2 years
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